Gutta Love CD

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It’s a great feeling to know that you ordered a CD by Kiahyo The Sweetheart Of HiP HoP! You would buy it to get her great songs, but by the time you listen to ‘Fantasy’, it is obvious that once again, the best songs were not the ones being played on the radio. By the time the next song plays, you would smile to yourself, feeling like you were now in on something that people who relied on their DJs for musical guidance just did not get.

Gutta Love is 'Music That Gets To The Heart Of The Matter!'

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Check Out Kiahyo's Tribute To her favorite Artists Alicia Keys and Mary J Blige below. Three Free download Tracks!

Track 1 / Like You Do | 940kb - 1:00
Who gonna love me like you do?

Track 2 / Lately | 1.07mb - 1:10
I won't play the fool. No baby. Not for you.

Track 3 / I'm Dat Shit | 940kb - 1:00
It don't get much better than that girl Kiahyo!

Track 4 / Still In Love I Can't Deny It | 958k - 1:00
Bad times I've had before can never outweigh the good times I'm feeling today.

Track 5 / Feel Me | 1.07mb - 1:10
All this time you think I would have known.

Track 6 / I Just Want To Love You | 1,119kb - 1:10
When your kiss touched my lips I knew right then and there.

Track 7 / Im Just That Benz | 970k - 1:01
I'm just hanging with my friend and your man is one of them.

Track 8 / Fantasy | 1.07mb - 1:10
A dream is what I must be in.

Track 9 / No More | 107mb - 1:10
Baby if I were you I'd be forgeting me.

Track 10 (Free Track)/ What I Gotta Do | 949k - 0:59
I love you. Want you to stay.

Track 11 / No More ReMix | 1.07mb - 1:10
I'm not even feelin' you.

Track 12 / Give It Up | 1.07mb - 1:10
Give it up is what you should do. Just give it up to me when I come through.

Track 13 / Don't Understand | 1.07mb - 1:10
My family just don't get it and my friends don't comprehend.

Kiahyo's Rendition Of Alicia Keys 'Diary' And Mary J Blige 'Be Without You' Is Free To Download And Is Not For Sale. Promotional Purposes Only. Enjoy The Music.

Free Track / Diary | 1.07mb - 4:46
Kiahyo's Tribute To Alicia Keys.

Free Track / Be Without You | 669kb - 4:05
Kiahyo's Tribrute To Mary J Blige.