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Recorded 2009

Dana Day Records all rights reserved

On This page are Pictures and Free Downloads for promoters and fans.

Check Out Kiahyo's Tribute To her favorite Artists Alicia Keys and Mary J Blige below. Three Free download Tracks!

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Free Sample Track / Like You Do | 940kb - 1:00
Who gonna love me like you do?

Free Sample Track / Lately | 1.07mb - 1:10
I won't play the fool. No baby. Not for you.

Free Sample Track / No More | 107mb - 1:10
Baby if I were you I'd be forgeting me.

Free Sample Track / I'm Dat Shit | 940kb - 1:00
It don't get much better than that girl Kiahyo!

Kiahyo's Rendition Of Alicia Keys 'Diary' And Mary J Blige 'Be Without You' Is Free To Download And Is Not For Sale. Promotional Purposes Only. Enjoy The Music.

Free Track/ What I Gotta Do | 3.26mb - 3:32
Kiahyo - The Sweetheart Of Hip Hop Track.

Free Track / Diary | 4.40mb - 4:46
Kiahyo's Tribrute To Alicia Keys.

Free Track / Be Without You | 3.77mb - 4:05
Kiahyo's Tribute To Mary J Blige.

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